Post viral episode

After an awkward few weeks of viral attacks and confusion, welcome to the slightly different and not quite right yet  Davey Lee Me and My Photography. Hopefully a few e-mails and a chat with the “Web Baron” Mr Versluis will iron out some of the wrinkles.

Since my last post I’ve been able to get a bit more filming under my belt, notably a short drama entitled “Through a Desert Song”, as soon as it has been graded I’ll get it up on the website. It was concieved, written, directed, produced and edited by John Webber, a huge effort and fantastic achievement considering it was his first time.

A friend of mine, Sam Seal, has started his interview series called “Iviewme” on youtube now, check it out. Interviewees are asked to think of ten questions that they answer during the interview (effectively interviewing themselves). This means that there are no nasty questions on the horizon and the interviewee can direct proceedings in the direction that they want. I think the ultimate interview for Sam would be Richard Dawkins, so if you’re reading this and you know Richard Dawkins or someone of similar note please point them in my (or Sam’s) direction.

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