Yet again this is a bit after the event, but what the hey.

My new found Skeptic buddies (see previous post) asked me to video the Southampton 1023 Homeopathy overdose event for them on the 30th of Jan.

This wasn’t just an event to slag off some Homeopaths ( I think they and some other alternative therapies/treatments/medicines have a part to play in some of our lives) but a swipe at one of our national institutions, “Boots” the chemists. When I pass through the portals of Boots in search of a remedy for an ailment of some sort I expect to be given good advice and pointed in the direction of clinically proven medically efficatious products. Instead I could very easily be directed to products (without the consultation of a Homeopathic practitioner!) that are of dubious efficacy and unproven medical benifit, put on the shelves purely to be sold to the gullible and credulous for considerable profit…and breathe…steps off soapbox.

The video explains it much better than I can. Crispian and Dave were natural spokes people and did a great job but everyones input was fantastic, even those left out.

The day was great and the demo went like clockwork, except for a stiltwalking brass band that was competing for airtime! A dash back to Crispians house to edit the footage was saved by Dave fetching his firewire cable from home, some nifty editing from Crispian and Hey Presto! it was up on youtube, it racked up over 3,000 hits in 3 days! well done Hampshire Skeptics!

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  1. Jay Versluis says:

    Why not embed the video next time?

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