A clearer path

Been a while hasn’t it…here goes

Last week I attended the inaugral meeting of Hampshire Skeptics in the Pub (Hants SitP) I must admit I turned up a little concerned that everything would be far too intellectual for me, so I went under the guise of a photographer in case I needed to bale out. Handily Dave Hughes who, together with Crispian Jago, organised the evening had asked me to take photo’s anyhow so subterfuge was kept to a minimum.

The venue was the Roebuck Inn Winchester, which has a well proportioned dining room re-configured for the night. However it  wasn’t long before the dining room was full and the bar annexed also, exceeding all expectations.

MC for the evening was Skepchick Rebecca Watson and guest speaker was Simon Singh who kept us rivetted by the English libel system and the need for its reform. Other notables were Sid Rodrigues (Rebeccas hubby and driving force behind London SitP) and the rather enigmatic Jack of Kent who dislikes having his photo taken but appears in one by accident, although you have to squint and use your imagination to make him out!  He’s been described as ” Hobbit like” but I would say more Womble like, if you could imagine Bernard Cribbins with a Brummie accent. A very nice chap.

So, I was made to feel most welcome, I was entertained, informed and came away feeling I had made some new friends. I couldn’t have wished for more. Well done Crispian and Dave I’m looking forward to the next one!

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